What I have to offer:

Free Consultation

Let's see if we fit! In our initial consultation, we will share information and decide if we would like to  continue our relationship. Usually 30-45 minutes at a prearranged location. We will discuss fee at this time. Sliding scale between $500-$1200. Payment plans and package deals, including Placenta Encapsulation and Infant Massage Training, available.  

Phone & Email Support

YaY! We have signed a contract and are moving forward. I am available for phone or Email support  whenever you need me. Two weeks before  your  due date will  find me available 24/7!

Half of the fee will be due at this time  so we can ensure your dates are saved.

Two Prenatal Visits 

Two  visits can turn into  three  or four. I mean, maybe we  feel like lunch or taking a walk.  Things are always tailored to fit your needs.

Professional Information 

I am also a Certified Pharmacy Technician familiar with some medical  jargon and some of the staff at our local facilities.  

Newborn's first hours
As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

Fetal  heart monitoring, blood pressure checks, internal  exams, things of that nature are best left to  the professionals!

Make decisions for you 

It is up to you  and your non-pregnant partner to  make decisions  concerning your health and that of your baby.    I can and will, however, do my best to uphold your ideals and preferences.

During labor 

I will be there  within 1 hour after your call and stay with you  during  and for at least 1 -2 hours after, or as long as needed. If an extended stay is called for, I will  visit you again before you go home.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

It is YOUR BIRTH!  Your beliefs will enhance it and make it magical for you and your family.

Baby’s first feeding Support 

Sometimes we need a few suggestions to get it going right. Let's face it,  you are going to be exhausted and I've done this before.   I'll do what I can:)

Postpartum follow-up visit 

I will come to your home a few days after to    make sure everything is going alright. I might even bring you something yummy and straighten up a bit.   I'll check in again the following week, maybe Momma needs a nap. Of course, I'm available by phone 24/7 for at least 2 weeks after. And I offer extended postpartum support if needed.

Image by Luiza Braun

Placenta Encapsulation

Some of the benefits include:

  • Better Mood (which may lead to increased milk supply)

  • Quicker Healing

  • Increased Energy

  • Decreased Bleeding

  • Decreased Sadness

(based on  individual testimonies)

For $200, I will be responsible for everything including transportation. Save $50 by making arrangements yourself. Better yet, save $100 by choosing me for your Doula or enrolling in my Infant Massage classes!


Certified Infant Massage  Educator

I am excited to bring this to my families! The lifetime benefits to parents and babies are unfathomable! Some of the major reasons to explore this ancient tradition include:

  • Bonding

  • Helping baby sleep

  • Stimulating brain growth

  • Improving sensory awareness 

  • Relieving colic

Private or group classes available. I have a limited number of FREE classes open! Private classes are $200 for the five week course . Best deal ever : choose me for your Doula and it's only $100 for the complete five week course!