• Vanessa Carmichael

Why Haven't Birthing Couples Been Told These Facts?

I came from a place where home birth was the norm. We were discouraged from having any "outside" influence. So, I had little knowledge of the institutionalized birth experience until a few years ago when my family and I moved away from that community.

I expanded my horizons by becoming a CPhT and started coming into contact with the other side of the coin. I started seeing women that had been given little or no choice in the process. Giving birth was more something that happened to them. They might have had an ideal in mind, but when it all came down, were given little encouragement to follow those ideals.

I was surprised to find out some of the things that were taken as mandatory in a hospital setting. Things my babies and our ancestors survived without. Here are a few OPTIONAL things that stuck out to me:

1. ALL the prenatal visits. Now, I am NOT saying NO prenatal care, Just that you don't have to have ALL the blood work, ultrasounds, pelvic exams, genetic screening...If you are healthy and are starting to get stressed about feeling like a lab rat...pick the most important ones...skip the rest!

2. You can FIRE your nurse! I have several friends who are labor and delivery nurses. They are hard working and dedicated people. But, everyone clicks differently. If someone makes you nervous or you just don't jive...ask for a new one!

3. Harsh lighting.Most hospitals now understand the importance of making mom comfortable. The sterile, harsh lighting might be too much. Dim the lights, unless there is a medical emergency, there is no need for them.

4. ALL the vaccines immediately. If your newborn is healthy, some stuff can wait. Who wants their first experience of this world to be a pin cushion? Life is gonna stick it to us soon enough!

5. Circumcision is definitely optional. Do some research, you might be surprised what you find. #firstnaturedoula #naturalbirth #youhaveoptions #humboldtdoula #homebirth

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